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What is Nomadic Hands?

Nomadic Hands is a way of life, where following dreams and helping others is combined. The organisation is a Creative Social Enterprise that operates through the passion and drive of its director, Simone Francis. They provide information and access to social and environmental opportunities worldwide and at minimal cost.

Simone believes that by sharing her creativity and life experiences with others, she can positively influence people to live out their dreams while changing the world for the better. She works closely with local partner organisations and gladly takes on interns, all help and inspiration is most welcome.

Nomadic Hands promote peace, not only through projects that are immersed in feel-good activities such as sound relaxation and music, but it also runs projects that address the destructive aspects of the economic system. This is accomplished in two ways:

1. By promoting awareness of global issues through multi-media

2. Through education about how to re-structure the system that is generating these problems.

Empower – our ambition is to empower people for holistically sustainable pathways. We want to provide them with opportunities to improve their future while benfitting the global village. With partner organisations, volunteers and friends, Nomadic Hands go straight to the communities; we offer education and employment trainings through targeted speeches, workshops and internships in social entrepreneurship and artistry.

Enlighten –  a major part of our work is raising awareness on environmental and social concerns through writing, documentaries, photography and music.

Encourage – we encourage ethical and cultural consciousness, and believe in a personal fulfilment approach. People who act upon their positive thoughts and ideas bring out a peaceful civilization.

Current projects:

  • ‘Connect, Create, Conserve’: educational workshop programme on creative social entrepreneurship, aimed at local communities who are looking for livelihoods to support their families
  • Sound Relaxation. Sydney, Australia (2012): the goal is to bring relaxation to people through the sounds of singing bowls, digital sounds and voice.
  • ‘The Consumerist – leaving the system’. Documentary, worldwide (ongoing). Research, filming and editing of an individual’s journey in their attempt to ‘leave’ the consumerist system.


  • Creating healthy and authentic alliances between all countries on Earth by accepting and appreciating people of all nationalities, celebrating cultural diversity and developing increased understanding about varying customs and values.
  • Inspiring people to pursue their own dreams whilst helping to benefit all other life forms.
  • Cultural sensitivity and input within all of the organisation’s ideas, developments and actions.
  • Empowerment of individuals to take collaborative action, and to realise their independent actions can make a difference.
  • Encouragement of people to act upon their positive thoughts and ideas, bringing about a peaceful, global civilization free of violence, prejudice, separation and war.
  • Promotion of freedom, honesty and purposefulness.
  • All life is to be treated with kindness and respect.
  • Development of feelings of pride and satisfaction within all people who help animals, other people and the environment, regardless of age, gender, race, background, financial capacity and religious and political beliefs.

We do not kill life, but nurture it;

We do not provoke wars, but prevent them;

We do not separate, but collaborate;

We do not believe that world peace is just an ideal fantasy, but an easily achievable common practice for all.


The Nomadic Hands started in May 2007 as a not for profit incorporated association in partnership with a film-making project. By the end of 2007 it was a not for profit project auspiced through the Global Youth Futures association. In February 2010 Nomadic Hands was transformed into a creative social enterprise.

Founding Director- Simone Francis

After combining my love for travel, adventure and creativity, with helping others, I founded Nomadic Hands and began living my dream career. I have had varied experience within the community, journalism, sporting, and artistic industries, and as I am always learning and in transformation, so is the organisation. This is the work I want to continue doing for the rest of my life!

My education includes certifications in outdoor recreation, communication and media, filmmaking, business management, and Teach English as a Second language. In 2009, I received a scholarship for the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and continued on to completed certifications in Community Cultural Development and Developing Creative Enterprise. I ran as a Greens candidate for Barton in the 2009 federal elections and for Kogarah in the 2010 state elections.

By sharing my creativity, knowledge and life experiences with others, I believe I can positively influence people to live out their dreams while the global community.

Current Location :

Sydney, Australia

Countries the enterprise has operated in:








Thank you to all our supporters over the years!

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Thank you those who have provided us assistance:

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